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    Global Health and Pandemic

    In these times of pandemic, it is more important than ever to be concerned about our overall health, both physical and mental. Confinement works differently for each one. During this period, some people use the time to update their knowledge by following webinars, reading, discovering interests in the arts or hobbies, or simply renovating their homes. For others, however, confinement is a source of melancholy, anxiety and stress.  In response to this calamity, we do not all have the same resilience and ease in navigating this ever-changing time. Indeed, since its appearance, scientists have been discovering new facts, new symptoms and new complications at a surprising pace. Nothing to calm fears and anxiety!

    As we know, COVID-19 can be asymptomatic or symptomatic. A large majority of those affected recover completely. But, unfortunately, each asymptomatic person, who has no manifestations of the disease, could unknowingly transmit it to many persons.  In order to minimize contamination, hand washing, masks and physical distancing remain, to date, among the most effective measures.

    New research has shown that the virus, first, damages blood vessels, including those of the pulmonary alveoli, heart, brain, skin and other organs. These damages could lead to pneumonia, pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks, strokes, etc., depending on pre-existing pathological conditions. In addition, studies are currently underway to determine the possible impact of COVID-19 in the resurgence among children of KAWAZAKI disease.

    Our cardiovascular system is a major player in our overall health and we must do our utmost to keep it in good condition.  Let’s put all the chances on our side by adopting a healthy lifestyle, taking care of our body and mind.

    We are inviting you to look at the links shown in this blog. Being well-informed allows us to better understand and adapt our actions as the pandemic evolves.

    Please note that the following two links, presented by Dr. Éric Sabbah, cardiologist, lecturer and researcher, are in French.

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    Posted by Eric Sabbah on Saturday, May 2, 2020