Questionnaire on snoring

If you believe you have chronic snoring or sleep apnea, we invite you to complete this questionnaire before your next visit.

We will review the points together to properly assess your situation and take the necessary actions. To speed up the process, you can fill out this form at home.

Download our questionnaire on snoring (PDF)

Save the forms on your computer BEFORE you fill them in, otherwise, your information will not be saved.

Subsequently, fill out the form directly on your computer.

To submit, you have two options :

  • Print them out and hand them to the receptionist upon arrival, along with your full list of medications or
  • Send them by email at

In case of cancellation of appointments, please notify us by phone or email at least 48 working hours in advance.

Thank you.

** Note that Centre dentaire Abras will not be held responsible in the event of loss of information, identity theft or any other situation that may occur following the emailing of your forms.