Esthetic restorations


A ceramic veneer is a thin ceramic shell that covers the visible surface of a tooth. Veneers can be used to improve the look, shape or color of the teeth and provide a more appealing smile. They can also be used to close unattractive spaces between teeth.



A crown is an indirect restoration crafted outside of the mouth. It is perfectly adjusted and allows to cover a tooth which presents an important destruction, or which is weakened by multiple restorations. Generally made with ceramic but they can, also, be made with an alloy of gold covered by porcelain.

Crowns present the top-quality alternative to obtain an optimal esthetic and functional result.

We are offering you the newest CEREC technology and thanks to it, crowns can be manufactured and installed in one single appointment.


Anterior teeth and restorative cares

Diverse options will be considered concerning esthetics on anterior teeth. It might be done by covering the teeth with composite, ceramic veneers or crowns. The advantages of ceramic veneers and crowns are the durability, the precision and the color matching the surrounding teeth. Color of ceramic will not change as time goes by.

An evaluation of the condition and the positioning of the teeth will be done before choosing the best option.