Obstructive sleep apnea

Lack of sleep has become one of the most common health issues of our time. There are numerous studies on the subject and we are continually learning about how sleep deprivation affects overall health.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a chronic illness. This serious sleep disorder is characterized by multiple, brief periods of respiratory arrest caused by obstructed upper airways. A person suffering from OSA can stop breathing for 10 seconds or more, up to 100 times per hour in very serious cases, severely affecting their sleep and overall health.

Understanding OSA

There are three phases in a sleep cycle: light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.

During REM sleep (when we dream), the muscles in your body relax. When you have OSA, relaxed muscles can obstruct your upper airways and cause you to stop breathing (apnea). A lack of oxygen in the body signals the brain to wake up and start breathing again. Most of the time, you fall right back into light sleep, unaware of what has just happened.

What are the consequences of OSA?

  • Lack of oxygen throughout the body
  • Disruptive sleep cycle, preventing restorative sleep

These consequences can very negatively impact your overall health.

Diagnosing OSA

If we suspect you suffer from OSA, we’ll do a thorough check-up and refer you to a specialized sleep clinic. A pneumologist will perform a polysomnography to diagnose and determine the severity of your sleep apnea. We can then assess the condition of your mouth and explore possible treatment options. When recommending a device, we’ll take in account your dental needs and the severity of your OSA.

Treatment options

A mandibular advancement device is ideal for people who snore or suffer from light or moderate sleep apnea. The device is custom-made using your dental impressions. It is designed to keep your airways open while you sleep. Once it’s ready, we can adjust the device and show you how to wear it.

The mandibular advancement device can also be worn with a CPAP machine.

We can help you sleep better at night so that you can feel better during the day!