Smile’s rejuvenation

The smile is a symbol of our emotions and the attribute of our receptivity. It is often the first impression that others have of us. The idea we conceive of our own smile has a significant influence on our social behavior and an effect on our psychological state. As we get older, the morphology of our face and mouth changes, modifying the appearance of our smile.

Advances in dentistry and its new technologies allow us to help you fight aging.

With age, teeth wear out and lose height, lip corners collapse, enamel darkens, and unreplaced missing teeth cause bone resorption. All these are signs that reveal aging and that affects the face’s appearance. Cosmetic dentistry can restore radiance and youth to your smile and face.

Our team can help you rejuvenate your smile by aligning your teeth, giving them the appropriate shape and size, lightening their shade and replacing missing teeth. The result will give you a harmonious smile, perfectly adapted to the physiology of your face.

After an examination to assess your oral condition, we will discuss the different possible avenues to achieve an optimal result. Whether it is by orthodontics to align teeth, by veneers and/or crowns to restore height or color change, and by implants and crowns to replace the missing ones, the effect will be striking.

Don’t let age weaken the power of your smile. Win back your confidence and beauty with our skills in cosmetic dentistry!