Multimedia clinic

We are definitely a multimedia clinic, offering you a different experience with our modern and fully computerized clinic!


Waiting room

Our Servdentist TV screen features educational videos on dental health for a better understanding of the world of dentistry. You will also find short quizzes to assess your general and dental knowledge. Our clinic is also equipped with free Wi-Fi to allow you to attend to your day-to-day matters or, simply, entertainment.


Operating room

We are equipped with multimedia computers that occupy your time when you are on the chair. This way, you can relax watching a movie of your choice or listening to music during your treatment. We explain your oral condition using the Showplan-DX. This tool allows us to demonstrate the benefits of the proposed treatments and guide you in the appropriate choice.


After your visit

We provide you DENTAPP mobile application that allows you to watch explanatory videos, consult frequently asked questions and even ask us for information from your mobile phone. Thanks to this technology, we are closer than ever to our patients!