Laser utilizations in dentistry

The laser has several applications in dentistry. It is an amplified and concentrated light that travels through an optical fiber. It can be used to diagnose, disinfect, incise and treat.

DIAGNODENT – Laser to detect early cavities

Early diagnosis makes it possible to manage early tooth decay, thus avoiding a deterioration in dental health and the need for more extensive treatment at a later time.

PERIOWAVE-Laser to disinfect periodontal pockets

Periowave is a non-thermal, non-invasive and painless diode laser. In periodontics, it disinfects deep pockets, in combination with conventional treatments of gingival curettage and root planning.



  • To disinfect root canal

This laser, used in addition to endodontic treatments, allows the pulp chamber to be reached with minimal trauma, while eliminating bacteria and decontaminating pulp tissue.

  • To Incise and reshape tissues in surgery

Surgeries frequently performed with such a laser include frenectomy, gingivoplasty, gingivectomy, gum remodeling, and removal of soft tissues such as fibromas and granulomas.

  • To treat muco-gingival lesions

The “muco-gingival” group includes the gums, tongue, tissues under the tongue, inside the cheeks, lips and palate. These lasers are used for the treatment of ulcers, canker sores and cold sores.


Laser allows minimally invasive and atraumatic dentistry, without stitches, without bleeding and with accelerated healing.